At Gosford Quarries, we have a very strong history supplying Australian sandstone to iconic building projects all over the country. We offer sandstone for a variety of purposes, from residential, commercial, civil and landscaping to high-profile heritage restorations. Here are 10 true blue reasons why we continue to lead sandstone supply in Australia:

#1. We have a lot of experience in the stonemasonry industry – 100 years’ worth, in fact. Actually, we have even more when you take into account our merger with the Sarkis Bros. Pty Ltd in May 2014! Not to mention the accumulation of technical know-how that occur when two industry powerhouses join together and pool their resources.

#2. We use cutting edge technology, not just keeping up with the latest machinery, but innovating so that our processing methods continue to improve, providing more product flexibility and design options.

#3. We are Australian owned and operated. As we source all our sandstone from the best Australian quarries, choosing not to import material or export labour, we support the Australian economy and provide job opportunities for fellow Aussies.

#4. We have high standards. At Gosford Quarries, we are committed to providing the best quality product possible. We are constantly testing our sandstone to determine the accuracy of our geotechnical results.

#5. We take pride in our craft and support the industry by employing Australian apprentice stonemasons from Miller TAFE, thereby ensuring the longevity of a specialised and traditional trade.

#6. We are efficient. Due to the fact that we are a local business, we have the advantage of greater efficiency in delivery times and clear communication without the potential complication of language barriers and time zones.

#7. We are environmentally friendly. Naturally occurring sandstone is actually a very eco-friendly building material, with a relatively low carbon footprint compared to man-made concrete or brick.

#8. We offer a superior range of colours and finishes to suit every kind of sandstone application, including paving, cladding, solid block walling, carving and profiling, as well as split and raw material.

#9. We offer unique building restoration abilities. Wondabyne Quarry is the oldest operating sandstone quarry in Australia, and produces the best match to Sydney Yellow block sandstone, perfect for restoration of Neo Classical and gothic Architecture. With the most sophisticated new profiling technologies there is nothing Gosford Quarries cannot restore or recreate.

#10. We supply sandstone internationally. While we have developed a reputation for excellence in Australia, we have also initiated exciting international projects, with our sandstone featured internationally in England, China, Japan and The Middle East.