A private pool is one of life’s true luxuries – especially so if you’re living in Australia, a land blessed with more sunshine days than most places. Once you’ve decided to invest in a pool or renovate an existing one, there are many choices that need to be made before you can swim in your own azure blue lagoon. Size, depth, pavers, salt water or chlorine, in-ground or freestanding – there are many ways you can customise a pool. Gosford Quarries is here to make your choices a little bit easier by telling you why sandstone is the best material for your poolside pavers.

Aesthetically pleasing

Sandstone is a stunning natural material, where each block has its own unique colouring and pattern. No wonder it’s been such a popular material when it comes to constructing iconic buildings such as estates, churches, and governmental buildings in Australia and worldwide. So why not add some timeless sophistication to your own backyard by using sandstone?

Sandstone comes naturally in brown, pink, and white colour ranges as well as un-banded and neutral tones, so that you can find a shade and finish that perfectly suits your home’s overall aesthetic.


There’s another reason why sandstone is an age-old construction favourite beyond its beauty. Sandstone lasts a lifetime, wears slowly, and ages beautifully. For this reason, you can rest assured that when you invest in sandstone for your pool area, you’ll have a long-lasting result. 

Naturally slip-resistant

If only pool water stayed in the pool. From splashes from kids playing, to people stepping out of the pool soaking wet, there’s no getting around that the immediate pool area often gets drenched when people swim in it.

What’s worse than having to include unsightly anti-slip features in a stunning pool design? Well you’ll be happy to know that due to its porous structure, sandstone naturally allows for the percolation of water. That means it’s a naturally slip-resistant surface, so it won’t turn slippery when wet, but rather absorbs the moisture. Safety is essential around pools and securing a slip-resistant surface can help avoid accidents and falls.

The Sandstone experts

Gosford Quarries is a known provider of standout sandstone materials for projects big and small. If you’d like to enquire about our wide range of stunning colours and finishes or would like advice on the most fitting ways to incorporate the timeless stone into your home or business – don’t hesitate to get in touch today. 02 8585 8282 or email sales@gosfordquarries.com.au