Sandstone is a natural stone that has always been a popular building material for pillars, doors, panelling, arches, fence posts and much more – but now its many advantages for flooring are becoming more widespread. While sandstone has always been used for floors – its popularity has grown considerably in recent times as more home owners become aware of the many benefits.


Natural beauty

Many people believe sandstone only comes in a variety of browns, whites, pinks, golds and other colours, but this natural stone also offers a wide spectrum of stunning neutral colours and vivid banding. This great variety of colours is one of the reasons why designers, architects, and home owners alike choose sandstone, as the design options are endless.


Natural durability

As sandstone is quarried from the cores of mountains, it is a hard, durable material. While not matching the strength of granite or slate, it is still lasts for decades with the proper care. This will save home owners considerable money in the long-term as it prevents them from investing in costly repairs or replacements.


An eco-friendly building material

Sandstone is a product of Mother Nature, meaning it is all natural and biodegradable. Many home owners like to make sustainable decisions wherever possible, which is why sandstone is such a popular choice for the eco-friendly.


Interesting textures and patterns

In addition to the startling array of colours, sandstone also comes in a number of interesting patterns, hues and textures. As it is quarried in giant slabs and refined down into smaller pieces, every single sandstone tile will be unique. Much like a fingerprint, every sandstone floor will have its own random design that is as different as the mountain it once came from.


There are also many different finishes for sandstone floors, including smooth, split and textured depending on your preference. Some people prefer to feel the raw and earthy texture of a slightly uneven sandstone floor, but this decision is entirely up to you.


Replacement tiles

While this natural stone is very strong, it is possible for them to become cracked if they receive a sharp strike from a heavy object. Fortunately, sandstone flooring tiles can be removed and replaced fairly easily. This is why it’s advisable to save a few additional tiles from the original installation to keep as spares in such a situation.