If you want to start a landscaping project to improve your home, it is important to plan effectively. This will ensure that your final result matches your vision, without having to compromise due to a lack of preparation. Whether you want to create an area for summer barbecuing, turn your yard into a beautiful garden, or build a new deck, here are some questions you need to ask yourself to help bring your dream to reality.

1)  What is the purpose of the area?

If you enjoy hosting parties, you will likely desire an outdoor space that is inviting and convenient for accommodating a large number of people. If you’re looking for something to enjoy alone or with family, perhaps you’d like to landscape a small area to create a relaxing atmosphere for reading or sharing meals. When considering a landscaping project for your residential space, make a decision on how you want to use the space.

2)  What design should be prominent?

Everyone has a certain taste, even in landscaping. If you decide on a style or design early in the project, you’ll be able to make sure all the components of the process work in unison to create that design. This includes the plants you choose, the pavers and retaining walls, and all the details that will create the larger picture of your new outdoor space.

3)   How much maintenance will be required?

A great outdoor space can add considerable value to a home and property by increasing the amount of usable space. However, if it is hard to properly maintain, it can end up being more hassle than it is worth. Your ability to maintain the space once it has been completed is a key element in the type of landscaping you choose. Whether this means bringing in a professional on a regular basis or doing it yourself, if you under-estimate the time and effort required to keep it looking great, you will find your design becomes a hindrance to your property.

4)   What is your budget?

Of course, budget is usually the first concern when planning for home improvements. Your budget will determine the quality of the materials you choose and the size of the developments you make. An important aspect of the process is prioritising the elements you need to spend the most money on, versus the ones that you want to spend the most money on. Creating an accurate, realistic budget is a major factor in the success of your landscaping project.

Landscaping the yard is a fun way to change up your home for the new season. By making decisions on how you plan to use the area, deciding on a specific design, accounting for the required maintenance, and establishing a budget, you will save yourself time, money and the headache of an incomplete project.