Sandstone has been forming on our earth for millions of years, and is not only responsible for creating some of the most striking natural structures, but also elevating the practicality and aesthetics for countless properties across the world. In this blog, we explore some of the interesting facts about sandstone.

Incredible Formation

Sandstone has one of the largest particles of all rock types, which is why it is ideal to be used in all kinds of construction, paving, and even glass making. Its makeup consists of the cementation between two other elements: mineral mater, which acts as the binding agent, and matrix, which is a fine material mixed in with sand. Buried deep underground, the immense pressure and higher temperatures force these two elements to melt and reform, slowly coming together and squeezed into rock. Sandstone can be found offshore from river deltas, in sand dunes, beaches, or in full sandstone beds, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Holding History

Due to the slow rate in which sandstone forms, and its porous nature, it actually records the history of the surface conditions when the sand originated. This is why you might notice streaking, uniformed layers of colour within the makeup, and even fossils giving it that unique aesthetics so many people want to take from nature and introduce into their homes.

The Choice for Centuries

It has long been known that sandstone is a fine material for tools and construction. Since prehistoric times, humans have been utilising its soft, yet durable nature, which lends a certain ease when carving and manipulating. From constructing glorious temples to simple domestic abodes, many civilisations across the world have also taken advantage of its resistance to weathering, even with early grindstone, used for sharpening blades and other pieces of equipment.


Given its colourful nature, Sandstone is known as a stone of creativity. In metaphysical circles, it is believed to embolden the unity of relationships, whilst promoting truth and clarity. By introducing it into your home or outdoor area, you will feel a pull and nostalgia to nature.

Learn More from the Experts

As one of the most versatile materials on the planet, sandstone is set to improve a property with any usage. Contact the experts at Gosford Quarries to learn more about the possibilities.