Gosford Quarries was proud to play a part in the beautiful labyrinth which is now open to the public at Centennial Park in Sydney. 

Under the great leadership of Gosford Quarries' own Anthony Sarkis (BArch. MArch. Master of Heritage Conservation)  the Gosford Quarries' profiling team played an integral role in achieving this 1600 piece jigsaw masterpiece.

This historic project used our beautiful Wonabyne sandstone and Gosford Quarries was responsible for profiling and breaking down the original drawings to process not only the sandstone but also the Blue stone provided by the stonemason.

This intricate puzzle was put together using Gosford Quarries' sophisticated profiling technologies such as the Wire Saw and CNC machine. This project took an astonishing 5 weeks to complete and over 100  1:1 scale templates were produced to ensure accuracy down to the millimeter. 

Gosford Quarries wishes to congratulate all those involved in this historic project including Emily Simpson and Bondi Stone.