Many people believe sandstone is only suitable for pavers and other outdoor applications, but the versatile material can actually offer many benefits for your home itself. If you’re planning on building your new home, or renovating your existing dwelling, then consider using sandstone as your material of choice. Not only does it offer many practical advantages, but it can also achieve a stunning finished result. You won’t regret your decision.


Natural versatility

Why do you think so many people choose sandstone for their outdoor pavers? Being a naturally sourced material, it is very tough and will last considerably longer compared to artificial materials such as porcelain. Whether you were looking to use sandstone for your outdoor patio, your home’s floors, or to construct your entire home with it, you can rest assured that your finished project will last the test of time and provide years of value.   


Low maintenance means less hassle and less expense

Sandstone is also a very low maintenance material and won’t require costly repairs, or extensive cleans. This is not to say that it needs to maintenance at all, as it’s advisable to have your sandstone cleaned to ensure it lasts as long as possible.


Easily cleaned

Continuing with that train of thought, cleaning your sandstone surfaces is remarkably easy and requires little effort on your behalf. For the best result, use liquid pool chlorine and water solution and gently wash with a light brush and regular hose. Any accumulated grit or dirt will be easily washed off, leaving you with a surface that’s as vibrant and fresh as when you first bought it.


The many uses of sandstone for your home project

Have you considered using sandstone to pave around your pool? Perfect for remaining cool under foot in the blistering heat of summer and slip resistant, this material is a popular choice for homeowners looking to install a new pool, or repave an existing one. You can also consider cladding for beautiful facades, solid blocks for landscaping and retaining walls, carved feature pieces or simply as capping or edging. This versatile and timeless material will have no regrets.  

Easily cut to size

Finally, sandstone is unique in the sense that it’s soft enough to easily be cut into shape, but tough enough to withstand the toughest elemental damage. This valuable compromise makes it a popular choice for home owners and construction professionals alike.