Choosing the right sandstone for your property can be a frustrating yet ultimately rewarding experience. You want to select one you feel will enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal and character, whilst allowing it to complement the full design and its natural surroundings. Luckily, sandstone is the perfect material for this, and with an abundance of beautiful colours and stylish finished available from Gosford Quarries, you can find the perfect style for your design.

Read more about how to match your colour and finish for your property below.

Choosing the right finish

The finishes at Gosford Quarries are vast and have their own unique styling. With selecting the right finish, it simply is a matter of personal fancy. If you feel that the boldness of a rock faced finish is something you would like for your property, then hey, we can’t argue. Or if you feel that the sharp, contemporary style of a gang sawn finish is the way to create a modern and elegant home or building, then that works for us, too. Selecting the right finish for your sandstone property simply comes down to what style you think would create the best aesthetic.

Choosing the right colour

The wonderful thing about sandstone the low amount of processing that goes into its creation as a building material. It retains its natural character and makes it an eye-catching material to complement the Australian garden. For a natural setting that incorporates a lot of Australian flora, we here at Gosford Quarries advises the use of a darker tone, such as that of our brown range of colours. This is especially perfect for homes with more tropical plantation, where the brown sandstone provides a charming contrast to the plants and trees of the garden.

For more traditional, English-style gardens we recommend lighter colours such as pinks and whites, as they provide a contemporary and elegant finish to a home with lush European-inspired garden. Naturally, with the faint hues of sandstone, they provide a great finish to complement any property, but this is a bit of food for thought in terms of what colours match what landscape.

Contact us for more information

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