From restorations and sculptures to commercial venues and residential beautification, sandstone is one of the most well-loved materials to complete an architectural design. This natural material is versatile enough to make the most humble of walkways more elegant and the most gorgeous of buildings more winsome. Thanks to its quality, sandstone is also long-lasting and scores high on the eco-friendly scale. Here are some reasons sandstone should be your first choice.

It’s Versatile

Versatility is important. Because so many styles are available, it’s easy to jump on one design without really considering the other options. Sandstone can be used to create many of the looks accomplished with other materials, but sandstone provides greater quality and longer-lasting results. The material offers color variation to oblige even the most deliberating of tastes.

Well-suited to be used in many different projects and architectural designs, sandstone can be used to create stunning facades, arched interiors, patios, walls, barriers, and much more. Whether you’re looking to complete a space with a carved sandstone sculpture, enhance a walkway with sandstone paving, or finish a wall with cladding or solid sandstone block, Australian sandstone will add the perfect polish to your design.

It’s High Quality

Though it’s common to go for more common materials, you’ll get more value and long-term satisfaction from sandstone. Because it’s so long-lasting, the material is likely to be enjoyed for many years and will hold up nicely against much use. The trustworthy material is known for its durability and non-slip quality as well as its ability to lend a more sophisticated ambience to patios and pool decks. Whether small or large, almost any architectural project can benefit from being made with natural sandstone.

It’s Eco-friendly

Australian sandstone is a very earth-friendly product. Locally sourced, the material is readily available and is manufactured without the use of any chemicals. Because its processing results in no chemical waste, a large amount of water is also saved. Not only is the material local, chemical-free, and conserving of water, sandstone is also extremely easy to reuse in new or existing building projects.

Since sandstone is one of the most versatile building materials on the market, it might come as a surprise that it holds so many other desirable qualities. Should you choose natural sandstone for any commercial, residential, or landscaping endeavors, you will find satisfaction in knowing you’ve invested in one of the highest-quality and most environmentally sustainable options to upgrade your space.