At Gosford Quarries, we believe it's not enough to just stay in touch with market trends, we aim to lead the market through the introduction of cutting edge technology and state of the art machinery. 

Our current state-of-the-art machinery has revolutionised the way sandstone is processed, opening a world of new possibilities for designers. Our broad range of specialised services such as in-house heritage consultants, designers, 3D CAD modelling experts and highly experienced stonemasons, we continue to provide an unparalleled level of service to the design sector. Sandstone is now a material of choice for fluid designs and concepts, for the builder our more efficient production and processing systems translate into faster turnaround times and efficiencies.  It’s worth noting that Australian sandstone remains one of the very few building products that increases in value with time, an investment which is not seen with alternative manmade building products. Our latest technology additions to the quarries, production, design and processing areas have led to greater efficiency, speed of production and reduction of waste to make our final products more affordable and available to our customers.