Gosford Quarries has access to some of the most resource-rich quarries in Australia which allow us to produce a variety of quality products.

A few of our quarries include: 

Mount White

Mt White Quarry is located on the central coast of NSW. The region is rich in sandstone resources; the unique geological formation of this area provides us with some of the best quality sandstone in Australia. No other quarry produces the variety of colours and the quality of Mt White, for years now its sandstone has become a bench mark for architects and specifiers to assess the colours and quality of banded sandstone. 

Modern styles of architecture are looking to incorporate new materials with dynamic textures and colours, which is where our Mt White Range excels. With almost unlimited resources, Gosford quarries have used the Mt White Range on buildings all around Australia as well as internationally to China, North America and the Middle East.  

Piles Creek

Our variety of quarries include historic gems such as our Piles Creek Quarry, Central Coast NSW, which produces our beautiful oxidizing ranges; Piles Creek Guinea Gold and Piles Creek Cream, which are greatly sought-after for historic Australian restoration works and modern structures alike. Piles Creek sandstone has been used on a number of buildings in Sydney across both new construction and restoration. A few examples where considerable quantities were used include; the new entry pediment to Sydney Grammar School, Sydney Town Hall House, restoration of St Mary Cathedral east and south façade, the Hilton Hotel on George St, Governor Phillip Tower and is currently being used on The Parliament House of Victoria.


One of our most unique Quarries is Wondabyne, Central Coast NSW, which is one of Australia’s most remotely located quarries. This unique quarry is only accessible by barge or train and is the oldest operating sandstone quarry in Australia. Blocks are extracted only a few times a year due to the difficult positioning and limited access to the quarry. Wondabyne stone has been used on some of Australia’s most historically significant institutional buildings such as the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.