Sandstone is a natural material with a range of variations in colours, banding and colour distribution.
Here are some of the more common examples of colours and their variations.
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How to specify

General: Sandstone shall be Piles Creek - Guinea Gold Sandstone by Gosford Quarries.

Stone Type: Piles Creek —Guinea Gold Sandstone

Colour: Grey - Gold buff oxidizing sandstone. A ‘Yellow Block’ sandstone.

Stone Finish: Diamond sawn, gang sawn, honed, rockfaced, Sparrow pecked & custom

Sizes: As specified by architect

Fixing: Adhesive Material to be compatible to substrate medium. Stone cladding above 2.3 metres in height to be mechanically fixed. Refer to ASSA Natural Stone Design manual for more information.

Sealing: Sealer to be specified by designer or installer

Typical technical Specification

Bulk Density (ASTM C97-83):  2.25 tonnes/m³

Absorption by weight (ASTM97-83):  4.2%

Modulus of Rupture: 7.5MPa Dry, 3.9MPa Wet

Compressive Strength (ASTM C170-87): 59MPa Dry, 30MPa Wet

The samples illustrated are as accurate as photographic, colour reproduction and printing processes allow. As with all natural materials, some degree of variability can be expected.

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Request Sample - Piles Creek Guinea Gold