Cronulla is renowned around the world for its beautiful sandy beaches – what better way to complement your home than with sandstone? As one of the most instantly recognisable building materials on the planet, sandstone blocks are used by landscapers, architects and builders alike for both interior and exterior projects to add a touch of class to any environment. Whether you’re looking to acquire sandstone blocks to use for a landscaping project or even garden supplies to add to a driveway or rock garden in your front yard, don’t look any further than Gosford Quarries for unbeatable value and service on sandstone garden supplies in Cronulla.

For more than 100 years, Gosford Quarries have been the number one supplier of sandstone for civil engineers, architects and DIY enthusiasts alike. With access to nine prestigious sandstone quarries around the country, the colours and textures and supplies offered by Gosford Quarries is alike no other supplier in the country, and is perfect for adding a unique touch to any exterior or interior project. As well as gracing your home with an eye-catching curb appeal, the durability and classic appearance of sandstone can also help to add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Browse our full range of garden supplies, and find something to suit your landscaping needs today.


Widely used for a range of applications around the world, landscaping trends have seen sandstone become a prominent focal point for gardens, with their appearance and texture perfectly complementing coastal areas such as Cronulla. The unique colours of garden supplies available from Gosford Quarries are great for applications such as garden edging projects, which even the most entry-level DIY landscaper can undertake to great results. Similarly, sandstone blocks and supplies perfectly suit garden centrepieces such as paved stepping stones in courtyards, and they work extremely well as surface pavers in a pool area. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own landscaping project, feel free to drop into one of our showrooms near Cronulla to discuss how our landscape supplies can improve your home!


At Gosford Quarries, we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with practical advice on how our landscape supplies can complement their garden or interior project, providing end-to-end support to result in ultimate satisfaction with all of our clients. Visit one of our showrooms to discuss your project with an expert, or get in touch with us online to find out more about improving your Cronulla home with our exceptional sandstone supplies.

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